Michelle Paganis
Professional Massage Therapy


As a fitness instructor/personal trainer/owner,  my body working well is my job. I can’t help my clients meet their goals unless I take care of my own body. I used to think massage was a luxury, until I met Michelle. She has taught me that massage (I get cupping done 1x per month) keeps my body working at peak performance. She’s an amazingly knowledgeable technician and I look forward to my appointments every month. I’ve learned so much and I feel better than ever! Thanks Michelle for keeping my body healthy so I can kick the b*tts of my clients! LOL. ~Anna K.


My son, Tyler, is currently a high school junior who has been competing in track and field since middle school.  His freshman year, he qualified for Nationals in the long jump. Every season he seems to keep getting better and better.  Beginning of winter season of his junior year he started having issues with his hamstrings.  Stretching, ice and heat were not enough so we started having him go for sports massage.  They seemed to help, but according to him "they never seemed to last."  He wasn't getting loose and he wasn't performing as well as he felt he should.

A friend of mine suggested my son try cupping with Michelle Paganis.  Cupping has been the best thing for my son and we can't say enough great things about Michelle!

We were new to cupping, so Michelle was more than willing to explain everything to us.  She is attentive and listens to my son's issues. Michelle explains to him not only what he needs to work on but what he can do to improve his stretching.  She is always teaching him new techniques.

Tyler loves his appointments with Michelle and always leaves with a smile on his face! He feels the cupping goes deeper than a regular massage and it has really been able to allow him to loosen up.

Tyler has new PR's in all of his events - 100m, 200m, long jump and triple jump since he started cupping. Once again, Tyler has qualified for the long jump at Nationals this June!

Michelle Paganis has truly helped my son become a better athlete with her cupping sessions and her expert advice! ~Camille G.